Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Wonderful Addition

I am so happy to announce that we have a new member of our family! Matt's sister Meredith had her baby, Elizabeth Claire, on Monday, April 21st. She weighed 7 pounds 13 ounces and was 21 inches long. She is so sweet and has a ton of hair! We drove to Auburn on Monday to see her. Caroline seemed so big next to Claire! I just love new babies, but I don't envy a mother of an infant! It is so hard, but I know Meredith will do a wonderful job. She does everything with such grace. Some people can make even the most difficult things seem easy. Not me--I was an absolute mess with both of mine as infants! I can't wait to see baby Claire again soon--they change so much daily!

Beautiful Baby Claire

Meredith and her new miracle

I just love this one--the softer side of Bucky! Baby girls will do that to even the manliest of men!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mommy Time

We have had a super busy past few days! Daniel was out of school Thursday and Friday, and boy does it take a lot to keep him and Caroline entertained! I am a bit nervous about how this summer is going to go. Daniel has been in preschool 5 days a week from 9-1 since Caroline has been born. It is sooo much different with both of them at home all day! I am really going to be leaning on my girlfriends to get my through the long summer days! There is so much to do with the kids; it just gets tiring trying to do all of it. I totally crashed last night, and my sweet husband realized that I truly needed a bit of mommy time! He got up this morning and did all of his yard work so that he would be able to take BOTH of the kids to McWane and leave me to be all by myself for a few hours. Don't get me wrong, I love my family more than anything, but sometimes you just need to be alone. I just got back from enjoying a nice 3.5 mile run at the park. The weather is just perfect and I loved being out on such a nice day. It is very strange not to hear someone calling "mommyyyyyy" (Daniel OR Matt!!) or a little squeal of need. God bless all of my mommy comes summer!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Fun at the Zoo

We just had to get out and enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather today! Daniel, Caroline, and I met up with our friends Morgan and Bella at the zoo. We saw alligators, birds, monkeys, and ofcourse the big blue cotton candy eating monster (Daniel!). I am very excited about the warm weather headed our way.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Good Times...

Daniel went to work with Matt this morning. His favorite part of "going to work with daddy" is stopping on the way for an egg and cheese biscuit. I think that child would eat an egg and cheese biscuit for every meal every day of his life if he could! This left me to sleep in until 8:00--that's right 8:00! Caroline has never let me sleep that late in her life, and likely never will again. But, I appreciate the break today! I got up, nursed her, and we headed off for a fun girls day! We stopped by Daniel's school to drop off some things for a class project, ran by the bank, and then headed to the mall. Caroline is definitely a girl after her mother's heart--she LOVES to shop!! I fed her peaches in the food court and we went in search of bargains! I got her two adorable sun hats, two shirts, and some new camo jammies for Daniel. We then went to Victoria's Secret Pink store and got a cute shirt for me with a gift certificate I got for my birthday (thanks Sherry!). After we picked Daniel up from preschool, we met some friends at the park for a playdate and enjoyed several hours outside in the most beautiful weather! I then wound up my day with Bunco at Carole's. It was too much fun! I didn't win the pot, but the food was great, the wine was awesome, and the company couldn't have been better! I am thankful for good times like these...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Party to Remember!

Daniel celebrated his fourth birthday with many wonderful friends and family members yesterday. It was too much fun! He loved going down the slides, jumping, and running around the place like crazy! We even got adventurous as parents and let Caroline go down the big slide with Daddy. She wasn't quite sure what to think! I am attaching a movie of it below, so be sure to check it out! Thank you to all of you reading this that were there. I think Daniel will be opening fun new things for the next several weeks! I am posting some of my favorite pics from the weekend.

MiMi and Caroline relaxing on Saturday

Daniel and Paw Paw hanging out on the couch

On the way to Pump It Up!!

Dad and Daniel just before all of the guests arrive

Mom and Daniel ready to party!

Daniel and his buddy Logan

Alex R. loves the slide!

Say cheese Caleb!

Most of the party animals--Daniel is in pink on the right


Caroline and her friend Bella enjoying the party!

Ann Rogers and Jack celebrating Daniel's fourth!

Caroline taking a break with PePaw

Zeke--the Joey's male rep!

Caroline's slide debut!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Fun Friday

We have had a great Friday! We started this morning with a photo shoot for Caroline. She had her picture made in a dress originally worn by her Gran when she was a baby! She did have a bit of stranger anxiety and did not care much for the big flash, but the pictures turned out wonderfully inspite of it all! Then the girls (mom, Gran, and Caroline) went to lunch and to pick up Daniel from preschool. We all enjoyed an afternoon at the park and are very excited about the big weekend to come. MiMi and PawPaw are coming for the weekend to see Daniel's t-ball game and to join in the fun at Pump It Up. We will be sure to post about those big events!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Joeys

So, I just had to add these cute pics from playgroup today. This is Caroline's playgroup (minus Zeke), the Joeys. When I decided to stay home with the kids about a year ago, I joined a fabulous group, the MOMS Club of Hoover. We do tons of fun things like Mom's Night Out, age appropriate playgroups, holiday parties, fun outings, etc. Today playgroup was at our house, and as you can see Caroline loved playing hostess. She enjoyed chatting with the girls and sharing her toys with them!

Enjoying a little "girl talk"

Caroline just loves sharing her peek-a-blocks with friends!

Winding down playgroup in the exersaucer...

Learning to Blog!

Pictures First!!

Caroline and Daniel on Easter morning

Caroline and Daddy relaxing in the big leather chair!

Daniel playing with a bubble maker at the park!

Sweet Caroline...need I say more???

Yes, Daniel already has a girlfriend (thank goodness mommy adores her--I hope all of the girlfriends to come are as sweet and cute as this one!!)

Okay, so I am trying to be a good mommy and keep everyone up to date on my two greatest accomplishments--Daniel and Caroline! Several of my friends have created family blogs, and I am inspired by their examples. So, here it goes!! Daniel has just turned four, and he is all boy! He enjoys playing with Caroline (yes, he truly loves playing with her!) and his friends, playing on the computer, and reading books with mommy and daddy. He is smart as a whip and such a social bug! In fact, the moment he gets home from being with his friends at preschool, he is ready for a playdate with another friend! We will be celebrating his birthday this coming Sunday. We had to postpone the party due to a CRAZY t-ball schedule! That could be another posting! It will be at Pump It Up (an inflatable party palace) and we are expecting 49 children ages 5 months to 7 years old, so it should be a blast!! Caroline is almost 7 months old and growing so quickly! She is sitting up on her own wonderfully! She can pick up even the tiniest of objects and transfer them from hand to hand. At her 6 month well-baby check up, Dr. Dudgeon said that developmentally, she seems like a 9 month old! Oh, did I mention that she is also very verbal? I wonder where she gets that?!?! I am loving being a stay at home mom, and I am so thankful for this time with them. Daniel and Caroline are two precious gifts from God!