Sunday, April 19, 2009

Trey's Creepy Crawly Birthday Party!

The tarantula!

Caroline admiring the shoes she stole from the pile in front of the bouncer!

A very attentive group!

Playing with friends
Taking a break from the fun to enjoy a sweet treat!
The birthday boy with his spider cupcake!

Caroline enjoying the icing of her "take"

Daniel's little buddy, Trey, had his fifth birthday party yesterday. We all had a great time! They live just down the street, so we loaded up in the wagon and headed down for a big day of bouncing, playing in the yard, and seeing lots of creepy crawly creatures! Trey's mom Abby had the people from Ed's Pet World bring some very interesting friends to the party. I have loaded some pics of some of them. Sadly, it began to rain before he brought out all of the critters (including the 8 foot snake that apparently got out of its box on the way over!). Since we were in the wagon, I thought it best to get on home before the bottom fell out and I was stuck pulling two kids up a large hill in the pouring rain! We still had a blast -- and note the super cute cupcakes Abby had made at Louise's! Love them!
Thanks for a fun party, Elliots!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our First Professional Family Portrait...Or Not...

So, we have been all set and signed up for months now to have our family portrait made at the church. I have been so excited...thought of the outfits and the pose over and over again. Hmmm...things never go as planned, do they? Poor Caroline was absolutely terrified of the entire process, and she screamed and cried hysterically the whole time! Needless to say, we did not get a picture worth anything from the "pro". I did manage to get a few cute shots (thanks to the Tootsie pops the youth gave the kids) with my camera outside after the fiasco!

Easter Weekend

This whole Easter thing can really wear a boy out!

And a girl too!

Caroline running and playing in the HUGE yard!

Checking out nature!

This is sweet Daniel picking a flower for mommy

Daniel and Paw Paw in the big chair on Easter morning

Easter morning smiles before church

Caroline with daddy--ready to eat the M&M's (her favorite) that the Easter Bunny brought

D loved the Wubzy movie the most!

The Easter Bunnys sure was nice this year!

We had such a blessed Easter weekend. I hope all of you did too! We headed down to Brewton on Friday afternoon. The kids both slept the WHOLE way! It was likely the best ride we have ever taken with them! When we got there, we enjoyed some fun outdoor time with bubbles and riding the gator. Uncle Brian came too, which was a special treat! We had not seen him in quite a while. Saturday morning we headed to the big Easter Egg Hunt at the church. Daniel was one of the winners, and chose a big blue stuffed bunny as his prize. I was sure Caroline would claim it as her own, but she was actually more interested in taking apart and putting together the plastic eggs that she had collected. They were both given amazing goody bags--seriously, the best I have ever seen! We grilled pork chops and enjoyed spending time together that night. The next morning we were excited to see what the Easter Bunny had brought. Daniel swore that he saw him hop by the night before (love it!). They had a wonderful Easter music special at church that morning. It was nice to visit the home church. It always reminds me of my granny, and others who are no longer with us. I am so glad Matt, the kids, and I were actually able to slow down and enjoy some quality time with my family. I usually feel like those trips are so rushed! Time with family is to be treasured, and I certainly love and value each minute I spend with mine.