Monday, September 15, 2008

Caroline is one!!

We had Caroline's first birthday party yesterday, and it was wonderful! Our theme was polka dots, and Gran made Caroline a huge cupcake with big polka dot sprinkles as her "smash" cake. She was definitely more delicate and girly than Daniel was. We had to take him straight to the bathtub, and she barely got any icing on her bib! She loved playing in the little ball pit, and grabbing at the balloons. One of her most favorite presents was a little horse and carriage blocks thing that her Uncle Brian gave her. She is very good at putting the blocks together and taking them back apart again. She gets so proud of herself! She also loves sitting at her big girl picnic table that her Uncle Jason made for her. She and Daniel ate their afternoon snack at it today. They looked too cute sitting there together enjoying the afternoon. We loved having all of our family and many friends here to celebrate with us. We are so fortunate to have so many wonderful people in our lives. The Lord has truly blessed us with a wonderful little daughter who has brought so much love and joy to us as a family. I can't believe how fast the year has flown!

Below are some pics from the weekend!

Daniel and Paw Paw in their orange and blue on gameday!

Daniel and cousin Will--always a lively pair!

The Wilsons and all of the future Tigers!

Matt and Caroline saying "Warrr Eagle, hey!"

Mommy and Caroline just before the guests arrived. That smile is too perfect. She knew it was her special day, and she was sooo excited!

Daniel and Caroline in the ball pit. This was Daniel's first birthday present, and I think he had just as much fun in it yesterday as he did when he first got it!

C taking a break from all of the action!

Shea, AR. and Lauren

Caroline has never seen a treat this big! Happy First Birthday, Sissy!


Monday, September 8, 2008

Everyone is turning one!

This past Sunday we attended our friend Ann Rogers' first birthday party. We had so much fun! It is crazy to see everyone with little ones, or with little ones on the way. How different things are from just five years ago! Ann Rogers and another friend Bella were born a few days before Caroline, and it seems like yesterday that we were all in the hospital with our beautiful newborn daughters. We have Caroline's first birthday party this coming weekend, and we are very excited for all of our friends and family to share this special day with us. Something else that is really neat: Caroline and her Pe Paw (Matt's dad) share the same birthdate! We are so blessed.

Caroline playing with her learning table before church

I treasure moments like this! :)

The proud daddy and the birthday girl

Sammy and Charlie enjoying the festivities

Whitney and baby Claire

Caroline having a blast at the party!