Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy 61st Paw Paw!

Yesterday was my dad's 61st birthday, so we all packed up Friday after school and headed to Brewton to surprise him! We got there about 7:30 Friday night. The kids were sooo excited to sneak in and yell surprise! He was so happy to see us there, especially the grandkids! We gave him a navy blue golf shirt, which Daniel helped me pick out. Mi Mi gave him a pedometer to help him keep track of his walking, and Granny Marilyn gave him some cash to spend on something fun! I think the greatest gift of all was us being together. We love you Paw Paw, and we are so glad that we were able to celebrate the big 6-1 with you!

First Visit From the Tooth Fairy!

We had quite an eventful weekend! While we were in Brewton for Paw Paw's birthday, Daniel lost his first tooth! The adult tooth started coming in behind it (wayyy behind it in his gums) so I took him to the dentist early last week. I love Dr. Chambliss. He is the absolute best! He assurred me that my son was not part shark and growing a second row of teeth! He told Daniel to wiggle his tooth every chance that he got, and that it would come out very soon. He even gave us a cute little tooth container necklace to put it in. Well, he was right! We wiggled and wiggled, and it fell right out Friday night!! The tooth fairy managed to find him all the way down in Brewton and left him five dollars under his pillow and another dollar under Paw Paw's!

100th Day of Kindergarten!

Last week Daniel celebrated the 100th Day of School! One of their activities was to decorate a t-shirt with 100 of something. Daniel immediately decided he wanted to do 100 Mrs. Bollmans! I sent this project straight to Gran! She went to Michael's and got fabric paint, stencils, fabric markers, hot glue, and yarn and they got to work! It took several days to complete the project, but it was well worth it! His shirt was the talk of the school!! And ofcourse, sweet Mrs. Bollman loved it!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Curious George at McWane!

One of our family's favorite places to visit is the McWane Science Center. I love that everything is hands on! It is one of the few places that you can go and not worry about your kiddos touching (or breaking!) something they should not! And ofcourse, the teacher in me loves to see all of the little faces of eager children light up at the discoveries they are unknowingly making about science. SOOO, imagine our excitement when we got the update from McWane that GEORGE THE MONKEY WAS COMING!! George is one of the few things Daniel and Caroline agree on!! We headed over to see the famous money himself after Caroline's nap yesterday. It was a cold, rainy day--perfect for an indoor hands on museum! They had a special room set up with activities in which we could participate while waiting for George. There was even a banana stand set up! Daniel had two!! Caroline enjoyed coloring and both of the kids loved hearing one the McWane workers read them a Curious George book. Finally, the monkey arrived! Caroline was so excited to sit on his lap. She kept saying, "George held me!" I think the visit to see Curious George was more exciting than the one to see Santa!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Caroline's First Haircut

Well, those of you who have tracked Sweet Caroline over the course of her life know that her beautiful blonde hair has been slow to come in. That fact has made it really hard for me to let any of it go! But, this week I decided it was time to take her in for her first official big girl haircut. Being my girly girl, I knew it had to be somewhere... pink. Sweet and Sassy was the perfect place. Their hairdryers were even pink! The wrap they used to cover her outfit was monogrammed "princess." Boy, did that apply! She was not sure what to think to begin with, but once we got started she LOVED it! She kept telling Camille (her stylist), "Thank you for my haircut" and "I like this". Overall, it was a blast! To celebrate the big day, we headed over to Edgar's for a chocolate cupcake. I love having a daughter!